Pretty Busy Weekend!

After much discussion and lots of help from a new friend we have our Bosley back. As you all know he was adopted right away, but he was also returned the next day after 2 very very stress-filled nights and a day at the groomer. I can't say I blame them for bringing him back. He requires a lot of love, attention, and exercise. He also requires a long adjustment period. He had a rough couple of days to say the least. No hard feelings, though. There is no one out there that's going to love and understand him as much as we do. We also didn't realize how much we loved him until we heard how he was handling his new surroundings and it actually physically hurt to picture him like that again. So... we picked him up at 8:30 that night. He had been waiting in the corner of the yard, watching the road. I'm so glad we showed up and didn't disappoint him. He's settled back in and lovely. He's actually more calm if you can believe it. Maybe it's because we are. A special thanks goes out to our new friend from the shelter. We would not have Bosley if it weren't for her. We are very greatful!! :) He's a full-fledged family member and it would be awful to leave him... and now we don't have to.

We had a wonderful visit with Aunt V!! We took a lot of pictures and did a lot of relaxing and visiting. I miss her already. She's so easy to be around. She was kind enough to shoot some family photos for us. I promised her I wouldn't post any of them. She wants to bring them up in Lightroom and tweak them a bit before posting. I'll let you guys know! Can't wait to see you in Spain, Vita! :D A special thanks to my Mom is in order since she was kind enough to fly her out for us :) Thank you, Mom!

Vita took this picture of Tristan and it was too cute not to share!


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