My Three Sons

I realized that I have only posted pictures of Brennan asleep in the baby swing. Sleeping babies BEG to have their pictures taken... however, Brennan is even cuter when he's awake. So, I made it a point to get some yesterday while the lighting in the living room was decent. I took pictures of Tristan and Noah in this chair when they were newborns as well. I love them because the chair is SO BIG but the boys are soooo small.




Noah asks to hold Brennan all the time and Bren really loves him. He stares at him while he talks and has even cracked a few smiles for his big brother. Noah was too young to hold Tristan so this is the first time he's held one of his little brothers. He loves being a big brother!

These make me wish I had this camera my entire life. There is such a big difference in photo quality. I think back on Monterey, Noah's whole life, Tristan's first year, the trip to Germany... and I want to go back and retake all my pictures haha. But, it's ok! I'm lucky to have had a camera at all and I have it now... for SPAIN :) I can't believe we'll be there in 10 days!!


Jen said…
how adorable your babies are! i cant get over how much Noah looks like Josh! I'm sad we never got to meet in person before you moved. I cant believe you'll be there in 10 days, that's crazy?!! We wish you guys the best of luck and i cant wait to see pictures of the new place!
Michelle said…
Brennan just begs to be squeezed...he's SOOOOO cute!
I always say that about my cameras too. Back when Alex was a baby I had an old crappy 35MM film camera that blurred all the time. I got a nicer camera by the time I had Caleb, but digital was not invented yet. I would wait on pins and needles for the film to get developed and then be disappointed because so many were not worth the paper they were printed on. Now we can take 100 shots and see them instantly. PROGRESS!
Amalia said…
Ok, you convinced me. AS SOON as I have the money, I am getting a kickass camera!

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