On Our Own

My parents left on Mother's Day and Josh went back to work today so this is officially my first day as a SAHM to 3 little boys.  So far so good... but I am TIRED!  I have successfully fed all the wee ones and now need to feed myself.  I think today is a coffee day.  I've got laundry to do and phone calls to make... but first I have to feed myself.  I think the hardest part about breastfeeding is making sure you're taking in enough food and water!

I will let you all know how my day went... and I will finally upload some more pics! 


Anonymous said…
Hang in there, and take care of yourself, having raised 3, know what you are going thru, well with exception of breast feeding! Had all 3 home last week, was a ton of fun, do not know when daughter will be back, son graduated college and will be here for a while----they do grow up and you see that yourself. Jim from GC
Haley Elizabeth said…
I defintely find myself being more hungry b/c I'm pumping. I guess it's b/c of the breastfeeding technically. Your doing great though! Hang in there!

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