Sponge Bath

Brennan still has his cord so no real baths yet, but I like my babies to smell so fresh and so clean so I gave him a little sink bath the other day. LOOK at that hair! :D

We had a follow-up Dr. appointment today and Brennan has gained a whole 3ozs since we left the hospital (3 days ago) and is almost back to his birthweight at 7lbs 10ozs. He had another bili test and he's de-yellowing nicely. If it hadn't been so cloudy he would have been much better I'm sure because I'd have him getting a bit of sun. However, I learned from the doctor that all the pooping he's been doing also is great for getting rid of the bili woes. Everything else looks great and the doctors don't anticipate any travel issues, but want to see him again at one month just to be sure. I am all for that. Yesterday we took Brennan on his first family walk. He zonked right out in the baby sling just like Tristan used to do... did the same thing today as well. He is just now waking up, in fact. I am thrilled because I am dying to feed him! Ouch. :P haha


Beth and Dave said…
He's adorable and so much hair, my goodness. Thats great that he is almost back to his birth weight! I remember the Ouch you are talking about. Its like please relieve some of this pressure!
Haley Elizabeth said…
Hehe, I get the dying to pump sensation still. Just today I was leaking! I can't believe I still leak after 4 months!!
Ps. I love his hair so much. It's so beautiful!
Britni said…
Ember had a nice yellow tint the 1st couple weeks too... I love all of his dark hair! It's so thick! Great job on fattening him up! You must be doing something right! ;)
Amalia said…
I am so happy for you guys Allie. I hope I can take my next pregnancies in stride they way you have taken yours.
veets said…
lol he looks so suave! (and more like josh than the others)

i cant wait to take pictures of you all next weekend! :D

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