I hate it if I don't have it

I hate money... unless we have money, which we don't right now... so... I hate money ;) haha. I spent all day on the phone trying to get things accomplished, but failed to really get anything done at all. Really all that happened was I talked to people who told me what they needed so I can talk to more people tomorrow. It's frustrating trying to get something done, but having to wait on something else to do it... and that's all we seem to be doing right now.

We need to get Brennan's Passport, but we can't because we have to wait for his SSN, which we couldn't get because we had to wait for his birth certificate and shot records. We're going to have to get him a civilian expedited passport, which will run us around $100 I think, maybe more.

We need to get letters from the lien holders of our vehicles so we can ship them, but we can't until we switch our insurance over to a company (USAA) that will cover us overseas... unfortunately it's more expensive and requires a hefty chunk in advance. We also had the pleasure of learning that Josh owes them money from back in 2003... over $300... joy! I can't be mad because we weren't married yet (that's the deal) haha :) We have to pay to ship Josh's car ourselves which will run us anywhere from $700-$1200 depending on who we use. I'm crossing my fingers for the cheap guys!

This is just the beginning of the hidden moving fees I'm sure. Sadly, we also found out it would cost a good $400 to ship Bosley overseas. We checked the airlines themselves and professional pet movers. We can't afford that so I contacted the SPCA and they've agreed to take him. He will be housed with another beagle, in fact. We drop him off tomorrow. I feel guilty, but also relieved... one less thing to worry about. I know it sounds a bit cruel to some. I'm just being honest. I am going to cry a lot about it if that makes me sound any less evil :P heh.

All our credit cards did a "reassessment" and lowered our limits so it will be even MORE fun trying to come up with money. We'll be OK... Josh gets advance travel pay and can get a pay advance if push comes to shove (which it most likely will). I just hope they don't ask for like 6 months advance rent in Spain or something outrageous like that. I know we will have to be in a hotel and rent a car for awhile while we search for a home, which all requires money as well. We have it, but not enough to where I feel completely assured. But anyway...

Today went surprisingly well and really really quickly. I feel rushed and thirsty, but pleased with how it all went. I was able to do a little laundry and some vacuuming inbetween feedings and phone calls. I even had time to upload pics and (obviously) blog! Here are a few of my faves from this week :) Brennan looks so red all the time! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to chug about a gallon of ice water.

this one is mine until he gets big enough to wrestle :)

rough-housing with Daddy is the favorite pasttime around here

he's such a fat baby! :D


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