We dropped Bosley off at the Humane Society today at 3 and it was VERY DIFFICULT!  He was staring at us and he cried like I'd never heard him cry before.  I was devastated.  I kept picturing him getting locked up in a stinky cage... and he already had to suffer through that life so it was just awful to think about.  I cried off and on until about 8.  Then we got a phone call... he's already been adopted.  A nice family with young kids adopted him so he didn't even have to spend one single night in a cage.  I am so thankful!  The new family is going to send me a pic in email... we'll see :)  I don't mind if they don't.  I'm just glad he's found a family already.  I knew he would.  I guess tonight I will be able to sleep after all.

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