We dropped Bosley off at the Humane Society today at 3 and it was VERY DIFFICULT!  He was staring at us and he cried like I'd never heard him cry before.  I was devastated.  I kept picturing him getting locked up in a stinky cage... and he already had to suffer through that life so it was just awful to think about.  I cried off and on until about 8.  Then we got a phone call... he's already been adopted.  A nice family with young kids adopted him so he didn't even have to spend one single night in a cage.  I am so thankful!  The new family is going to send me a pic in email... we'll see :)  I don't mind if they don't.  I'm just glad he's found a family already.  I knew he would.  I guess tonight I will be able to sleep after all.


Beth and Dave said…
Oh I'm so sorry, but so thankful that he got a nice family and on his first day. I'm sure he will be very well taken care of and loved. So sleep well.
Britni said…
That must have been extremely hard for you. We had to do the same thing when we moved to Europe. Our dog was older though so my parents had to put her to sleep. I am so glad he found a nice loving home so quickly though!

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