Better Late than Never?

Today went pretty well.  I am still sad about Bosley, but have been in contact with his new family and although he's very nervous I think he's going to be just fine!  I was able to do a couple errands, just me and the boys.  Unfortunately I must have run into something with the sideview mirror because it exploded on the way home.  It was really weird.  Only the glass is broken... I am wondering if I even hit something or if maybe someone hit me.  No idea... regardless it needs replaced because I cannot drive without my mirrors.  Tomorrow will be grocery shopping day.  Wish me luck!  Oh and I took this a long time ago, but never uploaded it!  This is the set we got on clearance for Brennan's room (once we get to Spain).  We love animals and clearance items ;)  We got the mobile too!


Britni said…
I love the bedding set, so cute :) You are doing great just taking one day at a time! Do you have a van now? For some reason I don't remember!! We will be having to figure that one out in a few months here!
Allie said…
Yes we have a Honda Odyssey van... and it's WONDERFUL! I got them to put a DVD player in for us for free :) That's been a life saver on a lot of our road trips. We are probably going to have to take another long road trip soon, but that van makes it all easy on us. The 3 boys fit in nicely with lots of storage to spare!
Haley Elizabeth said…
Love the bedding! I really always have liked the animal theme. If we had a boy, I wanted to do some kind of animal theme to.

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