Finally Home!

Brennan Gabriel arrived on May 1st, 2009 at 1:28pm EST. He weighed 7lbs 14ozs and was 20.5" long. We had to stay at the hospital for 2 whole days this time, unfortunately. It was all for the best though :) I will be writing out Brennan's birth story and all that sometime in the next week probably. More pictures are on the sidebar!

We're both doing great. I went all natural again and it was a long labor, but it had to be. I'll go into details later. This is the best I've felt after labor... no stitches or anything at all to complain about... seriously I feel like I didn't just give birth and I am amazed! Brennan's eating well. We're settling in nicely. Tristan has warmed up to Bren and is excited to see him and wonders where he is if I show up without him :) He's even stepped up a bit and is doing what little things a 19mos old baby can do to help. He brings me diapers and makes trips to the trash can. Noah is madly in love with him and calls him Brennan Gabriel, full name, all the time. He was telling us all about his little bitty ears, little bitty hands, little bitty everything... one by one.

It's good to be home with all my boys :) Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! I'll be checking in when I can.


Britni said…
I'm so glad to hear you are all safely home. I saw the pics you posted on Face book and he is just so cute and looks so much like his big brothers already!Take it easy and enjoy your new little bundle :)

I'm glad you feel so good after labor! I am so happy for you and your family! I almost said "little family" but it isn't so "little " anymore, is it?! hehe. How fun to now be a family of 5! Now you guys can get all of Brennan's things in order so you can be all prepared for Spain!
Beth and Dave said…
So happy you are settled back in at home. Two days at the hospital is never fun. I can't believe you are a mommy of three handsome little boys. He will fit right in. Its great that you feel so good after labor maybe the third time is the charm. Our bodies can do some amazing things. Congratulations again I loved all of the pictures on facebook. Take it easy.
Amalia said…
I am so glad to hear the news you are home and well! I am impressed with the natural labor again and your recovery, If I have another, I hope to do it naturally. IF the docs will let me. I miss you Allie, and your family is there to help and support you!
Haley Elizabeth said…
I'm so glad everything is going well Allie! Your are seriously super women. No drugs! I could never do it. Brennan looks so much like Noah and Josh! I can't believe the resemblance already. What a sweet baby. I love his really dark hair. Haley had the same dark hair when she was born. I'm so glad you are feeling well. Try to take it easy though,if you can.
Britni said…
One more fun thing is that he & Ember share a birthday! :)
boofyjo said…
Congrats! He is perfect!
I am so glad to hear that you were able to have the birth go the way you wanted. Can't wait for the birth story!
Michelle said…
You can really see a lot of Tristan and Noah in different features of Brennan's face. He's like a little mix of both his brothers. LOL okay okay, so you and Josh are in there too.
Congrats, Brit told me you had him. He is adorable!!!!

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