More Family :)

We just had a great visit with some of Josh's family. His Dad, brother, and their lovely ladies all came out for a few days over the long weekend. Josh and I got to meet Logan's fiance and we highly approve :) Love you, Torey!! :D Everyone else got to meet Brennan and I think he was a big hit ;) I'm really glad we were able to see them before leaving for Spain. Thanks so much for making that long trek out here to see us, guys! Sorry we weren't more entertaining while you were here... newborns are kind of demanding. I hope you guys had a fun time anyway! I know I did. We get to have Josh's Mom out here for a few days in June before we leave too! I love having family come visit.

Brennan is gaining weight like a champ. I don't have an "official" weigh-in, but according to our home scale he is over 10lbs already! Almost a whole month old... dang. I never get used to how quickly the newborn stage goes. He's a great eater and is already sleeping at night for at least one 5 hour chunk. He must love me :) There was one day that was rough because he wanted to eat every hour, but 2 days later my body caught up and we're good now (until the 3 month growth spurt). I ordered him his picture frame that matches his brothers. Now I just need to pick out my favorite newborn picture of him. I guess I can let Josh help ;) hehe. I still am waaaaay behind on Tristan's scrapbook. I do one of their first year. Thus far I only have up to 7mos old. I already have tons of stuff ready to go for Brennan's scrapbook, but I think I should probably finish Tristan's first.

Brennan and I are heading out to Washington D.C. to get his passport taken care same-dayof and then swinging by Virginia to pick up Josh and the boys after they drop off the car to ship. It's going to be a busy week! It feels great to be able to get all this stuff done. I'm off to do more sorting and packing! We lucked out and found a sale at Kohl's for 50% off some really nice luggage. Kohl's is awesome. Now we just need to get a luggage rack installed on the van and we're golden.


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