Bring on Friday

I'm going to be honest, people... this TDY is dragging. I knew it would be worse since Josh was home on leave for a month right before he left, but this is just... annoying. The weeks are trudging along at the speed of a three toed sloth stuck in molasses, who happens to be dead. That flippin' slowly. On the plus side, I've been busy :)

20110119 5445

19 - Little Monsters

The weather is still nice during the day so we get outside time nearly every day. I've been getting out of the house on a semi-daily basis, did some "rebajas" shopping, hung out with my peeps. It helps.

I also have been furiously working on a website and details for my new photography business. After a few requests, compliments, and suggestions I finally decided to go for it. I hope it's as fun as I think it will be! I already have a newborn shoot coming up and I am on pins and needles waiting for this baby to arrive... for all the normal reasons too haha. So... check it out! :)

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