The Complaint Department

Today started off fine. Kids were up at 5am which ended up being good since my alarm clocks morphed into a dream about my computer being stuck on a blue screen, shrieking at me... I tried to shut it down completely, even unplugged it, but the noise never stopped! Noah nudged me awake and I finally heard the alarms as alarms. Brennan was still passed out next to me. He was up at 5 also, but went back to sleep in my bed with me. So... we had plenty of time to get breakfast, get dressed, and get off to the bus stop. No rushing. Wonderful. Great. OK. Up until an hour ago.

20110111 5322

All of a sudden my power went out AGAIN!!! This happens so often in this neighborhood it just makes me crazy. Fine. I turn it back on ::CHUK:: flips right back off. So I have to go through one-by-one turning off and flipping back on all the breakers to see where the problem lies. The rooms affected? The PLAYROOM and the LIVING ROOM... which means no movies and no internet. I flipped every switch and unplugged every damn thing in this house. It still will not stay on if I have the one breaker to the playroom flipped up (which also effects one living room wall, the wall our internet is plugged into) OR the living room breaker flipped up with the converter box plugged in... no, even weirder... I can have the box plugged in and turned on, but if I plug anything INTO the box the power trips again. Oddly enough once in awhile the short causes the garage door to open, which I didn't notice until after Charlie had helped himself to yet another pair of Josh's gloves... moment of silence for the left thumb making its way through Charlie's bowels. I flipped those stupid breakers so many times my fingertips actually hurt.

11 - Powerless

The good news: We still have heat. It's sorta sunny so the playroom isn't pitch black. I found a working outlet in the living room and chained power strips to get my internet back. Right now I hear a truck idling outside. No doubt the electric company again. They should just post an employee at the corner here seeing as this happens all the damn time! Another equally annoying Spanish utility complaint is the internet. It sucks. It's DSL and it's lame. When it's raining it's slow or doesn't work at all, which makes NO SENSE for a landline except that maybe everyone else is sitting inside trying to download crap and play fb games as well, gobbling up my precious bandwidth.

20110111 5320

Why does stuff like this only happen when Josh is gone? Last time it was a broken hot water heater and a shorted light in Brennan's room. Can't it happen before he leaves? Time to drown my sorrows in hot tea and Bejewled Blitz.

10 - Tea Time
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