Thank You, Ms R.

A lesson I just received from my 6yr old Noah:

"Mommy this is a solid shape. Do you know what it's called?"
Yes, a cube!
"RIGHT! and this one?"
Ummm... I don't know that one... it's not a cube.
"It's a rectangular prism. They both have 6 flat surfaces and 8 corners, but the rectangle has longer sides. And the cylinder has 2 flat surfaces and 0 corners... hmmm... We don't have a cone, mommy... that's another solid shape and it has only ONE flat surface and one corner
and it rolls in a circle, not in a straight line. OH I forgot the sphere, it's kinda like a ball,
no flat surfaces and no corners. I'll draw you a picture."
OK thanks.

Well, Joshua... your son loves geometry and math. Commence "happy dance" ;)
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