Christmas has come and gone, 2011 has begun. I guess it's time for a blog post!

20101230 5267

Christmas Eve day was great. We had a lot of fun and were totally exciterpated all day long. We baked our sugar cookies (I think about a metric ton). We watched all the kid-friendly Christmas movies we could find. The kids opened their ONE GIFT, which was a shake and go racetrack. They finally went to bed at 10pm after yet another version of "A Christmas Carol". We started in on the assembling of the playroom Santa spectacular accompanied by a decaf with Bailey's and amaretto. Then we were still excited and awake so we watched "Serendipity" and "Zombieland" (hilarious zombie movies are perfect for Christmas). By this time it's 4am... Josh informs me his decaf was actually caf since he's convinced caffeine has no power over him, and he's not tired. I am. So I head to bed while visions of zombies dance in my head. Kids are up 2 hours later. Ugh... what... was... I... THINKING! Josh is still up, and has my (now caffeinated) coffee ready to go. Thank God.

Christmas Eve 20101224 5228

Christmas Eve 20101224 5243

Christmas 20101224 5254

We had to wake Brennan since he had been up a few times during the night (another reason we thought it pointless to try and sleep). He's the best! No matter how tired he is, always smiling and jabbering on in toddle-speak. I reluctantly grab my camera and snap a few pictures. I set it on the tripod for a video of "the opening" downstairs. The rest of the day I didn't even feel like picking up my camera. Between the cleaning, cooking, putting together toys, playing games, eating, yawning, and watching movies... it just wasn't one of my priorities. So, Christmas Day was nearly sans photos. Santa, Grandparents, and Parents treated the boys very well this Christmas. I must say. I am having trouble finding places to put all these new toys! Every present was a huge success and is well-loved. Guaranteed. I was also spoiled by Joshua who reminded me that my birthday, mother's day, and our anniversary were a bust for me... good point. Bring on the spoiling!!!! I love my man :)

Christmas 20101225 5248

Christmas 20101225 5247

Since then we've been taking little shopping trips here and there, enjoying family time at home, and eating a lot of goodies. We went to Toledo (didn't bring my camera). We didn't stay long since it was pretty dang cold outside, but it felt good to go someplace outside of Madrid. Definitely going again WITH my camera when it's warmer. We've used the TDY money to finally buy random things we needed, but weren't desperate for like... socks, coats, boots, hats, scarves, batteries, firewood, winterizing pool chemicals, car parts, and light bulbs. Sounds sorta pathetic hahaha. You'd think Tristan had just been given a check for a million dollars when we bought him those Ben 10 socks though. I like that our kids get excited over simple things, even right after Christmas :) We've also been taking plenty of long bubble baths since I believe if you add bubbles to the water, the kids magically get clean without parental involvement. I know I'm wrong, but they smell clean and that's all that really matters after all.

20101230 5256

20101230 5260

20101230 5279

20101229 5284

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So... that brings us to now. Josh and Tom are watching some American football. I cooked a ridiculous amount of food. I plan on eating at least one more time before bed. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011 looks promising. 2010 was slightly crap, but worth the life lessons. Our friends have come down with a ruthless cold so we're hoping and praying (and baptizing our insides with vitamins) we won't get it right in time for Josh's trip. That would be awful for all of us. Josh will be flying out next week for a 6wk class. It's harder when he's been on leave for a long time and then ::POOF:: he's gone, but we'll survive like always :)
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