These Magic Moments

Our little tasmanian devil has been super busy lately. Just this month he's learned the following skills: how to strip, how to remove a diaper, how to open the doors, how to lift your shirt like a big boy when you go pee. He used them all at once yesterday right after dinner.

Normally our meal ends, the kids have their cookies, and then we're off for bathtime/bedtime. Brennan decided to get a jump on things and prep for bath in the dining room. He ripped off his pants and diaper and ran through the living room yelling "pubby pup", which I thought meant bubble bath... nope. He was saying poopy butt and I found his abandoned treasure on the dining room floor, poop-side up (thank you for that, Bren), next to a defeated Charlie whose curiosity had gotten the best of him and was now paying for the snoot full of poo fumes with some hearty dog sneezes. I turn to make chase, catch a glimpse of brown baby cheeks as he reaches up to let himself out of the living room. I catch up to him just in time to see him there in the hallway, holding his shirt up, watching the stream fall onto the floor in utter fascination... so proud of himself for remembering to lift his shirt like his brothers do when they pee.

20110125 5505

What did I do? I laughed and grabbed my camera, but only got a shot of him just before he slammed the door in my face. He really likes to play DOOR SLAM peek-a-boo (it's the boy version, which means you can get seriously injured). His facial expression was hilarious... he was just so damn excited. So away we went for the same old routine: bath, brush, book, and bed. I finally cleaned up the puddle this morning because I forgot it was there until Tristan pointed it out to me as we were prepping for the journey to the bus stop. Frankly, I was a little shocked it was still there and not soaked into the bottom of my socks.

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