Gone Again (Again) (Again)...

We're pretty used to Josh leaving at this point. Thankfully he's not going to be gone for very long... almost 2 months. I've got my list going (again) of things to accomplish while he's gone. Brennan's baby book made the list (again). Still haven't started it, but at least I finally finished Tristan's (2 years late). I get to make fish, spinach, lentils, eggplant, eggs, cabbage... all the things Josh hates. In fact we made egg salad sammiches and cabbage slaw as soon as we got back from the airport. My kitchen stinks of deliciousness.

20110109 5309

We also got haircuts and watched a few movies. Back to school tomorrow! I hope I wake up on time haha... seriously, though :P I just finished editing and burning a CD for one of the shoots I did last week. Hooray! Tomorrow night I should be able to get the 2nd one done.

20110109 5313
20110109 5312

It was great to have Josh home on leave for nearly a month. This should be an easy one... right? ;)

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