Great Friends, Great Day

I woke up relatively early and actually cleaned my house! :O Shocker, I know. Then I called up our friends and we planned a park trip. It's been in the upper 50's while the sun is out so we took the opportunity to let our kids get some exercise, sunshine, and fresh air.

20110115 5385
20110115 7554-2

Between the two families we have 7 kids (and one on the way). They have all girls (until their boy arrives within the next month or so), and we have all boys. The kids are pretty close in age and have a blast together.

20110115 5388
20110115 5410

We had a few small issues with the younger ones since it was close to naptime AND they were getting hungry... they all ended up not taking a nap today. We spent a couple hours at the park and then headed back to their place for some pizza.

20110115 5397
20110115 5395

My boys were exhausted. They got a nice bubble bath while I downloaded pictures and then happily went to bed. It was an excellent day! :)
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