No More Rain!!

20110113 5331
20110113 5329

This week's forecast is 55+ and sunny! Last year it was snowing, but I will gladly take this week off from Spanish winter to get the kids out of the house. They were thrilled to be able to be outside again and I was smart this time and picked up the doggie presents left all over the yard. The sun sets at around 6pm here right now. I parked the van outside the gate so the boys could have the entire driveway to ride their scooters.

20110113 7491
20110113 7489

I played with my 70-300mm lens, which I hardly ever use. It's amazing how much better the color and lighting are when you put a dang guard on the lens outside :/ Too bad I didn't figure that out earlier! haha

20110112 5324

Brennan's been waking up a lot at night since Josh left. Either he is actually affected by it, he's affected by me being affected by it, or he remembers last month when he slept in my bed with me all the time while Daddy was gone. I love it! I love having him with me. I sleep better with him kicking me... weird. So, anyway, we don't really get to sleep until around 2am and then we're up by 6 to start the day. It's exhausting! So... I took a nap today (and yes he was in my bed with me again hehe). We slept from 11:30-3 and it was heaven. I woke up feeling great. We got some of my list accomplished, and now I am perfectly willing to do the rest tomorrow ;)

20110113 7492

Then I made a super healthy dinner and everyone ate all their food without a huge screaming battle. Patting myself on the back again for my kids enjoying fish. It's common here in Spain. They even have fish baby food ::I think I just threw up a little in my mouth:: The fish here does taste better, even the cheap kind. This weekend I am planning a big movie night in the living room... or maybe in my room. All of them! Maybe I will sleep even better! Cuddles and cuddles and cuddles... isn't that why we forget about the heartaches and annoyances? They are just so damn CUTE! Wow... I should nap more often hahaha.
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