Before the Freeze...

We're due for sunny, but freezing days the rest of the week. Yesterday we tried to get some outside time before the freeze blew in... and I'm pretty sure we experienced the cold front's rapid approach haha. We drove out to Leitner Lake (it's on base here) with Bosley, who was surprisingly good in the car considering his lack of exercise lately. Luckily the sun was out so it wasn't too unbearable, but we weren't able to stay there very long. OK... I wasn't able to stay out very long! I'm sure the boys and Bosley would have played until their fingers and toes fell off, but I was ready to go get warmed up in the comfort of the van. Noah made "X"s all over the place and kept telling me "X marks the spot for buried treasure, Ma'y" (that's his lazy boy version of Mommy). I'm glad we got a walk in! This morning it's freezing... the dog's water is a solid brick of ice and it's once again obvious that the builders failed to properly seal the back door. I can feel the cold air on my back right now. The temps are climbing back up to 67 by the weekend!!! Just in time for soccer. Yay! :)

I'm still having fun with the new camera as you can see. I've gotten the hang of a lot of the manual settings. One of the best places to try out picture skills is the bathroom. It has a tendency to make everything dark and orange (well at least our bathroom does). I think they turned out better than the last session of bath photos I took. June is approaching and this year I want a 50mm lens for my birthday :)


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