We're Back

Our little weekend trip was very successful. The boys were well-behaved and silent the entire way to see Daddy (3 whole hours)... well except for the occasional excited squeal from Tristan when we passed cows or horses. Since we had such a small amount of time I really didn't take any pictures at all. Josh and I finally got to meet Kevin's family out here, which was a long time coming. One night we stayed up until 1am talking with his grandma, who was kind enough to offer her home to us while we were there :) It was a great visit! Everyone welcomed us with open arms. It was like visiting our own families. Hopefully we'll see you again before Spain, Kev!

The only downside is that I came home with a nasty nasty cold. Everyone else already had it before we left, but with my allergies I seem to get hit harder than the boys. I'm glad they don't get this bad, honestly. I've got all the normal crud for me... sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, general achiness. Not being able to take cold medicine sorta stinks, but I don't feel like it really does much anyway. I am hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day because I do not want to go to the doc for this. Sooooooo..... I am looking forward to taking the longest shower my hot water tank will allow, drinking some hot tea, and curling up in my soft warm bed to feel sorry for myself and get better haha :)


Britni said…
Things always hit you harder when your pregnant...at least that has always been the case with me!

I hope you feel better soon. That's great the the boys did so well! What good little travelers. We went home this past weekend and the girls were the same way, silent and happy!
Amalia said…
UGH! We totally have the same thing! Except we had strep too. Poor Matthew couldn't eat anything but yogurt for days because of the sores. I am STILL sick. I know its the allergies, and of course I have who knows what coming out of my heating system here in the apartments. ick...oh, wait this is YOUR blog. My bad....

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