Prayer Request

Anyone who happens to read this please pray for my Aunt Vita and our family. She was diagnosed with peritoneum cancer not too long ago, which is very aggressive. After surgery and some unpleasant chemotherapy the cancer came back. She's undergoing even more chemo... stronger and a higher dose now. She has 3 grown children and one new granddaughter. My Mom is heading out there right now to help out. My aunts are all very very close and everyone is having a difficult time dealing with this news. They lost their mother to cancer, which makes everything especially hard to handle.

I'm still holding out for a miracle otherwise I would have posted this when it first happened. Either that or I'm in denial. I don't know what I would categorize it as. Please pray, send some positive energy our way, light a candle, meditate, or do whatever your version of prayer may be. We need you!

This is my cousin Sandy's blog (Aunt Vita's daughter) she updates regularly

I'm adding it to the sidebar with my other links. Check in every once in awhile if you want to see how everything is going. Put some faces to the names.

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