Fun with Nikon :)

I was playing with my camera last night during the storm, trying to get a picture of lightning. My previous cameras couldn't take pics in such quick succession and without auto-focus, so it was never possible before. I would have stayed out longer, but the storm came and went pretty quickly and Bosley was whining at the front door the entire time which was really annoying.

After that I decided to take a belly picture using our full-length mirror. I am 28 weeks or 7 months pregnant now. MAN this has gone fast! We still haven't picked out a name, unfortunately. I am hoping one will magically present itself to us or something.

So anyway, before I knew it I had a million pictures of myself haha. I took a bunch of self portraits and then played around with them on Photoshop today. It was fun :)

I look like Buddha when I sit cross-legged now... and I can't cross my legs like a "lady" anymore.


Haley Elizabeth said…
hehe I like the "belly" picture and the camera pictures of yourself :)
Sarah said…
I love the pictures! You are such a cute pregnant woman!
Amalia said…
Wow you look gorgeous! I love that last pic. Do you think there is a male equivilant to Amy? Andy amybe? :-p

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