If you've forgotten why I enjoy Fridays right now it's because Josh comes home on the weekends from his TDY (military lingo for Temporary Duty Assignment). I miss my man... all the time. I feel lucky he comes home, though. I know people out there who aren't so lucky. He's so good to me :) What other man would listen to his pregnant wife complain about her tiramisu craving and actually MAKE SOME! Yes, from scratch... I was shocked we had the ingredients in the house. It was a great addition to the baked Italian chicken and pasta he also made. He loves me :) I love him... sigh. SORRY I am all emotional today (like every Friday). Look at him! Daaaang.

Happy 29 weeks pregnant to me. I picked up my finger-pricking sugar test machine yesterday and I am a lot less stressed now. It doesn't hurt at all, but the anticipation the first few times is sure fun! I've checked my glucose several times and it really takes a LOT for me to build it up to a high level. That drink they give in the lab must be pure sugar or something. I purposely ate a bunch of sugar this morning. I had blueberry waffles with butter and syrup, coffee (w/ cream and a TBSP of sugar), only waited one hour to test and I had hit 159. Yes, high... but rightly so and not really that high! So I am not worried anymore. I think next time I go back, sugar log in hand, she'll finally be satisfied and I won't be watched like a hawk anymore. I hate feeling vulnerable and weak. Aging is not going to be a pleasant process for me haha.

All my boys are fabulous. By Friday I've had enough, though. I don't care how much you love your kids, they get on every parent's last nerve eventually. Noah drives me crazy with his constant talking and touching and hugging. You'd think it would be cool to hear "I lub you" 300 times an hour followed by a sticky-fingered hug, but it gets really old. I am not exaggerating... 300 times an hour!!! He always has to find a way to touch me. He'll sit on me or near me and just keep touching me... AHHHH!!!! Here he comes now.
"Mommy do you like me?"
"And do you lub me too?"
"of course I do"
((hug)) ... sigh... yes he's precious :P He's my big helper and a great big brother. I love my Noah Boah!

Tristan drives me crazy with his crying and whining and following. He follows me around the house and cries if I happen to stand up and walk. If I take some trash to the curb he screams at the door while Bosley howls and scratches beside him... a whole minute of agony for them. If he's hungry it's about a million times worse. This child gets my apron out and throws it at me... he brings me spoons and pulls my pant legs into the kitchen. The entire time I cook he runs in and out of the kitchen crying because it's not done yet. He brings me empty bowls, begging for some kind of snack to put in them. I cook and yell... "OUT! IT'S NOT DONE YET! I WILL TELL YOU WHEN IT'S DONE"!! It's a lot easier when Josh is here because then I at least get to cook dinner in peace while he keeps them busy. If I say "shoes" or "van" he cries until we are out the door. He lacks patience (maybe because he's a baby? haha). Tristan is considerate enough to take a 3hr nap, however ;) I love the crap out of Tristan. He's the cutest thing on the planet, even when he's driving me nuts. He's becoming more independent lately and is starting to be a big helper like Noah. Just in time!

#3 drives me crazy with the elbows and knees to the belly button all the time. I have some really wicked sciatica going on so my long walks are now short walks and no more hiking :( I sleep with the phones near my bed because I swear one of these days it's going to hurt too bad to get up and I'll have to call my neighbor for help or something. They recommend no sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming because it only makes the pain worse... DUH! Who else is gonna do it though. In the morning I walk around like a 90 yr old woman. Thankfully it subsides fairly quickly so I can continue my day. I'd take Tylenol, but... it's Tylenol... seriously... what's the point. I've gotten rid of the leg cramps by drinking tons of water. This also reduced my Braxton Hicks contractions I noticed. If heartburn = hair he's going to be part monkey. This weekend Josh and I are going to finally pick a name (hopefully). It'll be raining all weekend so what else would we do. I already love this little boy. Can't wait to meet him!

I love my little monsters... all is as it should be :) OH! and I have been taking lots of photos, but can't get the good quality ones open to edit yet. These lower quality ones are OK for now! I LOVE my new camera :D

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