Wonderful Weekend

I had a great weekend with Josh and the boys. First, Josh surprised me with an early "CC" anniversary gift... a new 50mm lens! :) For those who don't remember our "CC" is when we first started dating (Feb. 19th). And if that wasn't enough... Jennifer (my old roomie from Texas) surprised us with the baby carrier we wanted! We love it, Tristan loves it... I could even wear it now while pregnant because it's soooo well-designed. Thanks again, Jen!! We were completely surprised!! :D All this goodness happened in one day too, can you believe it?! :)

Josh also bought the boys a bubble machine and the temps were in the 70's so we had a blast playing outside nearly all day long. We took a lot of walks, went to the playground and the swamp, just hung out in the front yard. It was a bonafide family weekend. Even Bosley got to join in on all the fun ;) I can't believe it's February... it seems so odd to be able to walk around outside without a jacket having just seen snow a couple weeks ago. Though I guess I shouldn't be in too much shock having grown up in NE Ohio where "lake effect" (thanks, Michigan!!) causes some massive fluctuations in temperatures during winter and spring. Snow in April... WHY NOT! 80 degrees in January... NORMAL! hahaha... oh, Ohio.

Next weekend will be even better because Josh has a 4-day. I'm not sure if we'll be here or in Savannah... haven't decided yet. Kevin is coming to visit us soon! We haven't seen Kevin since Tristan was born, which was the same day he shipped off to Iraq. He literally held Tristan and then got on a plane for the desert. I can't wait to give him a big hug... not that I was worried about him or anything :/ haha. Having friends and family in a combat zone is stressful, no matter how "safe" they are. My nephew Mark (he's a Marine) is still out there, but he'll be home soon too... hopefully the beginning of March. Just a couple more months! I just want it all to be over and everyone to come home to their family and friends. I guess that's too much to ask from a world full of human beings.


Amalia said…
I would like to say I am thrilled for you and your past weekend, but i am bitterly jealous. 70 degrees! I am waiting for snow here. Brrrr. But I guess, I will say, I am glad your weekend was great. bah humbug. ;)
Jen said…
Happy anniversary! And what is CC?
Allie said…
Thanks, Jen! It's something only we know, but don't worry it's not in any way vulgar haha.

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