Mistletoe State Park

Josh was home for another long weekend. I must admit this TDY has been relatively painless. I feel really fortunate to be able to see my Joshua every weekend... and to have two 4-day weekends during this time is an added bonus! We went out to Strom Thurmond Lake (previously known as Clarks Hill Lake) at Mistletoe State Park again. The Lake is still extremely low. It looks more like a desert oasis out there than a lake. It's sad, really... makes for some cool pictures, but I don't know if this lake will ever recover. Maybe it's protesting the name change ;) Noah spent the entire trip collecting clam shells and throwing rocks into what was left of the lake. There were mounds of clam shells everywhere so Noah's proud announcements of his findings grew a bit tiring. I'm glad he had such a fun time, though... no matter how obnoxious he can get haha.

The rest of the weekend we spent at home, enjoying each others company. The boys wrestled a whole lot with Daddy. Tristan was pretty peeved when Josh left. He can always sense when it's the last day. He woke up crying a few times that night wanting cuddles. I'm sure I was sufficient, but I think Daddy was who he really wanted.


Haley Elizabeth said…
Those pictures are beautiful allie! I feel bad for the lake though. It looked like it was once a really nice lake. Why are there clam shells in it? Does the water supply come from the ocean? Just curious!
I totally agree with you sometimes I think the kids just do need Daddy. It's going to be super hard for Haley whenever Dave leaves. She just won't understand. We have less than two days left. I'm so sad!!!
Amalia said…
Wasn't Strom Thurman a known racist?
Allie said…
yes, and his family (his Mom and Dad, not great great grandpa) owned slaves... hence the protesting around the renaming of the lake

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