Killing Time

First things first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! I will give you a call soon :) Hope you're having a great day so far!

Yesterday morning it was cold again and I thought it would be all day. I got the big roll of brown paper out for the boys to color. It was fun :) I love that stuff! Noah's new favorite thing to draw is rocketships with all of us inside. Tristan scribbled a few lines, but was more interested in dumping the crayons out and diving into them, sitting on them, and tasting them. I tried to get a picture of me and both the boys, but Noah told me he was too busy lol. I finally took a video with the new camera and uploaded it to flickr!

Noah has been practicing writing his full name this week... I took out our last name for privacy reasons, but it looks pretty good! I'm trying to teach him our address and phone number as well, but I am wondering if it's possible to convince him to NOT tell every single person this information hahaha. We've also been working on rhyming... he's just not quite grasping the concept I don't think. Either that or he's a 4yr old boy and can't make himself pay attention long enough for me to explain anything!

It ended up warming up again so we all went for a 40 minute walk through the woods. I love where we live! We're only a block away from miles and miles of huge trails through the pine forests out here :) It's nice to be able to go for a hike without having to get into a car to get there! I didn't bring my camera. I just wanted to exercise.

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Josh comes home tonight :)

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