The same night Josh left Kevin came out for a visit. It was unfortunate that the timing ended up the way it did because he didn't get to see Josh, but they're going to meet up tomorrow for dinner. I think we may also make a road trip to FL to spend more time with Kev this weekend, one big happy family this time. No reason why he should have to do all the traveling after all... plus those 2 days went WAY too fast. Kevin helped out a lot while Josh was gone (and Josh was really happy to have someone trustworthy and reliable around for us). He and Noah were buddies and they really missed each other. He's such a close friend to both Josh and I so our visits always seem to fly. Noah was SO excited to see him again. Noah was basically Kevin's shadow until he left today.

We had one decent sunny day so Kev and I took the boys out to the Swamp. Kevin recently got a Canon EOS 40D and wanted to break it in some more... the Swamp is the place! We had a lot of fun taking pictures, but I think we would have had even more fun if we could have gone without having to worry about the boys falling in haha. Although... then we would be lacking some seriously cute subject matter. I love going on photo outings with fellow shutterbugs.

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