First Trip to the Vet

I took Bosley and the boys to the vet yesterday and am happy to announce he still has a clean bill of health. He got his rabies vaccine, and I got him started on heartworm prevention meds and frontline. He did really well at the docs and in the car yet again. When we got home Noah and I gave him a bath and he got so happy! It was the happiest I've seen him. He was running in circles as fast as he could around the yard, playing with Noah. I was glad to see him perk up like that and show some playfulness. I knew he had it in him :)

Unfortunately I don't think we'll be bringing him with us to Ohio after all. It's an 11 hour drive, which is ok and I think he would do alright. However, my parents don't have a fenced in yard or a room for him to stay in. I tried to get him house and crate trained, but he's still pooping on rugs and freaks out if I close the crate. I hate to leave him, but our neighbor said she'd be glad to take him. Maybe it will be good for him to be around another dog for awhile (one that's trained and has good self esteem). He just has too many issues to go traveling yet :P We're going to be visiting people and going places all the time so he would be in a crate all day. No need to bring him all that way just to throw him in a cage, you know? I still feel bad about it, though. Bosley and Bosco (neighbor's dog) get alone well. We had a playdate the other day and they sorta ignored each other.

I take Bosley on at least one walk every day. Sometimes we take 2. Last night I took him with us (me and Heather, my neighbor) on our long woods walk. This walk is about 2 miles long and has some huge steep hills. We walk at a nearly jogging pace the entire time. It is our "sexy mama" trail. Bosley didn't tire or freak out, he did amazing. He LOVES walks. I am making a best friend I think :) After walking for 50 minutes he was still peppy and didn't want to go home. He's definitely a hunting dog! His lung capacity and stamina are staggering.

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