Outdoors Much?

The past few days my neighbor and I have been spending nearly all our time outside, working on one project or another. The first project was putting together Caleb's new playset, which is AWESOME! It wasn't too difficult, but it definitely required 2 people. They were all over it while we were trying to put it together. Once it was finished they were too enthralled with the sandbox to even care... sigh. Boys don't make sense.

Yesterday we went to Lowe's on a mission. We were going to get all our plants and necessary accessories to make our front porches gorgeous. We did a great job! I love the front of our little complex now because, although we "match"... 2 flower boxes and a hanging basket... our different personalities are obvious (mine is the purple one). It's great! We're going back to Lowe's sometime soon to get more plants for the little porch areas and some chain to bring the baskets down a bit. We both agree they're too high up. Noah had a fun time helping us plant. He was all about getting dirt out of the bag and putting it into the pots for us. He was also excited about sweeping up the mess. I also got seeds and soil to finally start my herb garden! I've been wanting an herb garden since forever. It was my Mother's Day present to me :) I still need to get my herbs planted, but that will be done sometime this week most likely.

Noah's been especially sweet lately. He sets the table for me. He will ask Josh and I if we want napkins or bread or whatever else happens to be around. He's such a sweetheart. Anytime I ask him to do something for me he replies "oh, sure Mommy... (gets it)...here you go... (thank you, Noah)...you're welcome". He's becoming a much better listener and understands a lot more. He is able to joke and use sarcasm now and can sense sarcasm in others. This is really important if he wants to survive in our family. Poor kid seems sick today. I think he caught my cold. I am pretty sure Tristan will be OK because I have been feeding him all my antibodies (I added another feeding back in while I was sick to help boost his immunities). I've been giving Noah lots of OJ and vitamins so maybe he won't feel as bad as I did. The second and third days were the absolute worst for me... we'll see how he is tomorrow.


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