We Are the Champions

I may have mentioned it before, but Josh has been coaching (and usually playing keeper, sometimes sweep) for his brigade's soccer team. Yesterday was the championship game. Oh, man... it was extremely intense. The refs were making bad calls, everyone was on edge, I was ready to rip my hair out. I didn't get there until right at the whistle for end of the first half. We were up 1/0 and I walked past the challengers side to hear their coach's speech "We only need one goal, guys. We're still in this."

HA! Yeah you just try to get any goals past my husband :) Josh made some awesome stops, but one got past him. It was a really nice shot and he barely missed it... only an inch more and he would have blocked it, but that's ok. We were tied and both sides were playing really aggressively. It was back and forth back and forth. The defenders on both sides were doing pretty well to block any goal attempts, but WHAM! We got one through. With only 2 minutes left of the championship, we were 2/1 and high as kites. We managed to keep them at bay for those 2 minutes and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my friends.

I am so proud of my husband :) I had a lot of fun watching the games. It was interesting because I started going at like the 2nd or 3rd game (once I got Tristan's schedule to work with the game times). I was the only spectator. Slowly more and more people began to show up. By the championship game we had maybe 30 or 40 people there to support the team. It was awesome :) WAY TO GO BRAVO 447!!!

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