Sunday Soccer

Josh got recruited for another soccer league. We're going to be watching games every Sunday, which is cool because otherwise we'd probably watch TV or needlessly spend money or something. It was a little difficult handling a dog and two kids (one in desperate need of food and a nap). I finally got Tristan to take a nap in the stroller though so we were fine. Next time it won't be as bad because we won't be going as early as we did. They made the park sound ridiculously awesome online, and it totally wasn't in person. There wasn't any shade out their either. We all got a little burned (except Tristan). Lesson learned! Bosley did pretty good. There were 4 other dogs there and he got uber excited at first, but then calmed down after I used my Cesar Millan tricks (hahaha). He's still learning the ropes, but he's adapting pretty well.

After the game the boys were all playing on the kitchen floor, and in the cupboards while I was cooking dinner. Tristan was cracking up at Noah hiding and poking his head out. Bosley was a little confused, but I think he was having a good time :)

We learned a few things about Bosley over the past few days. I think he used to be beaten because he is sooooo skiddish, especially if you make a sudden move or throw a toy or something. It broke my heart yesterday because he was doing ok, but I caught him pooping on the rug so I said NO, put his nose by it, and gave him a little tap on the shnoz... the rest of the day he was hiding and shaking and scared. I felt AWFUL!!! He needs to know he can't poo on my rug, but I am going to have to keep my hands off him for sure. Poor guy. Also, when Josh came home (in uniform) he was FREAKING OUT! He kept running away from him. We figure he was beaten, and his owner was in the military... he saw that uniform and RAN! Poor poor Bosley. We're going to work on some re-association. I'm going to have Josh give him treats and other goodies while wearing his uniform so he associates good things with camouflage from now on. He's finally eating his food today and seems better. He snapped out of his timidity a bit after our walk yesterday. He loves walks! He was only recently neutered (may be a purebred beagle) so we are working on his nasty "marking" habit. Day by day. We're still going to bring him with us to Ohio. We want him to know he's ours and is going to be ours forever and we won't leave him. He will snap out of this and finally trust people again, even when he does something bad.

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