Mother's Day

Well I've been sick with a nasty cold the past few days, but today I woke up feeling much better! I can taste things and breathe through my nose (sometimes). Josh, unfortunately had to work from 6pm yesterday until 6am today. Then he came home and was writing out counseling statements until 9. He's sleeping now. He made sure there was fresh coffee for me this morning before he passed out.

Tristan's gift to me was the 3rd night in a row of not waking ONCE. He sleeps from at least 8-8 now (knocks on wood). Noah told me Happy Mother's Day this morning and gave me a huge hug. He helped me with the dishes and we made french toast on my new griddle. It can fit 9-12 pieces at a time!! WOOOO! Tristan enjoyed every bite (and did a lot of laughing and coughing)... yeah he only has 2 teeth, but he wants real food!! He hasn't choked yet. Noah ate 2 whole pieces of french toast, not a speck was left. He is a breakfast kind of guy. I've been enjoying my babies, relishing in the fact that I am a mother. On Mother's Day... I am celebrating by being a mom. Imagine that ;)

This is my first Mother's Day with Josh home... it sucks they work him to death. I told him yesterday not to worry about it because I'm not his mother haha. He responded "no, but you're the mother of my children." good answer, babe. Josh will probably be angry when he wakes up and finds out that I did dishes and vacuumed, but I am so happy that I feel better today and the mess was KILLING me! I spent most of yesterday in bed while Josh watched the boys. If I wasn't in bed I was on the couch, being grumpy. I figure I had my break yesterday and being annoyed or upset about Mother's Day is really pointless. Many more to go! :)

I at least want to go to the jeweler and have them add Tristan's birthstone to my necklace. I have mine, Josh's, Noah's, and now we need Tristan's. They're not going to be open today most likely, but I can find out what his birthstone is at least :) Thanks, Google! (It's a sapphire... OoOOoOOoOOOooo). Well if anything of consequence happens today I'm sure I'll update again.

To all my friends with absent husbands I'd like to give a big Happy Mother's Day!! You're strong women and wonderful mothers and no one will ever be able to understand how much you sacrifice, except for others like you :) To all those single moms I'd like to say WOW, woman. I don't know how you do it. You amaze and inspire me every day.

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