Midnight ER Visit

Noah woke up at midnight Sunday night (so I guess that's technically Monday) with a croup-like cough. You could tell he was congested, but he just couldn't loosen anything up when he coughed. He was having trouble breathing, his throat hurt, and he was totally freaking out. Then Tristan woke up to eat. So... I grabbed Noah and stuck him in the bed with Josh (who amazingly was still sound asleep) and said "BABE try and calm him down while I feed the baby. I'm gonna take him to the ER for a breathing treatment". I fed Tristan, but all the commotion had him all riled up so he was crying and crying when I left.

Noah was actually excited to go to the Dr. I don't know if it was the fact that he and I would finally be getting some alone time together or maybe the attention that sickness brings. Whatever the case, he did a great job. We were wearing our Indians and Buckeyes stuff and wouldn't you know it... the nurse was from Akron. She said "well since you're fellow Ohioans I'm gonna bring you right back now". We did all our waiting in the privacy of a room with a bed. WOOOHOOOO!!! I love being from Ohio. All Ohioans get excited when they see other Ohioans in "foreign lands"... that's just how it is. I was so glad I thought to bring the portable DVD player because we were there until 3:30. I took a few pics of him with the phone, but I don't know how to get them to my computer so :P

Noah got a breathing treatment, some medicine, and an inhaler. While he was getting the breathing treatment he threw-up into it and it was all just a bunch of mucous... aren't you all glad I told you that. They said he might have asthma, which wouldn't surprise me at all because I do AND he also has allergies. Usually they go hand in hand. He feels a lot better today, and did well yesterday. I made him take a nap with me yesterday because we were EXHAUSTED!!! Or at least I was ;) Tristan still seems alright... I'm hoping he will somehow stay healthy.

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