Getting Ready for the Road Trip

Yesterday Josh and I hung out with our neighbor until the wee hours of the morning. We had a great time just talking and laughing :) It's a relief having such great neighbors. I know Bosley will be in good hands. Thanks so much, Heather!! :D

I cleaned a lot yesterday, but still have more cleaning ahead of me. I hate coming home to a dirty house... I WON'T DO IT! It's not too bad, thankfully. I've just got to clean a bathroom and do one more load of laundry. I cleaned the car out and it looks awesome. The rugs got so clean with my trusty Dyson that it looks as though I don't even have rugs in there... just black floorboards. Awww yeah... go Dyson!

Noah is sooooo excited about going to see everyone. He's got his backpack stuffed with books for the road trip and is running around the house with it on his back already. We're going to let him stay awake until we actually hit the road, which won't be until around midnight or 1am. Driving at night with kids who sleep well RULES! We got plenty of sleep and should be fine. If not, we'll stop... we're not dumb. We're hoping to be in Ohio by tomorrow afternoon or earlier. The trip is 11 hours, but if the kids are sleeping and don't require food or potty breaks it will probably be much faster. Another great thing about night driving is fewer cops, no traffic, you use less gas (cooler temps so no AC required), no blinding sun, you can see all the constellations maybe even a shooting star, and you get to enjoy the sunrise.

I am cleaning all the pictures off my camera and charging up all my batteries before we go. I think I am going to get Noah's suitcase out and let him pack it with me. He's being so cute and exciterpated. Ah, Noah :)
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