11 Months Old and Scavenger Saturdays

Well Tristan is 11 months old today. I can't believe it!! How did this time go by so quickly :( Still no walking, but he stands up on his own all the time. He's pretty stable too. He still has a voracious appetite. This morning he had applesauce, a whole banana, and 2 blueberry waffles. How is this even possible?! Then he had a nice poop-out too. Fun for Mommy :) I guess he was bringing in the new month with a back full o' poo and a morning bath. He's been showing a lot more interest in faces. He will poke you in the eyes and nose with his tiny baby tentacles. He gets all the pots and pans out and plays "band" with his brother. He must be more fun now because Noah will tell me "Tristan's not tired he wants to play with me in my room".

My Mom started a family photo scavenger hunt on the weekends. I like to call it Scavenger Saturday. We are given a list of things to find and a lot of us participate and then upload them to flickr. We sort of did it spur of the moment this time, but it was a lot of fun! Myself, Mom, Vita, and Michelle participated this weekend. We have so many photographers in our family I wouldn't be surprised if even more people start to play along. We took our scavenging to Strom Thurmond Lake. It was a really nice park with loooong trails. The drought in GA has the lake looking quite low, but it's still there! ;)

Noah's birthday is on Friday and he is EXCITED! This is the first year we can't shop with him in the store without his noticing. We tried! He looked out my window yesterday morning, into the back of the Honda and saw his presents. What are the odds... really. Luckily he didn't see his big presents. He is getting an art easel from Mommy and Daddy with 2 big easel books. It is a chalkboard/dry erase board. He's getting a sandbox from Grandma & Grandpa N. and a lot of sand toys from us to go with it. On Saturday we are taking him to the Atlanta Zoo :) I'll write all about his latest accomplishments in his birthday post. My baby is going to be 4! :(

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