6am Yoga

This morning I couldn't fall back asleep after Josh got up at 5. I made coffee and putted around. I wanted to make some breakfast, but wanted to wait until the boys got up. I decided I should just go lay back down. I was flipping through the channels and lo and behold I find Yoga. Apparently on Oxygen at 6am they "Inhale" so I got up and did me some yoga. Yoga is pretty difficult, but I loved it! Also 6am is a great time for me to exercise. Josh is at PT and doesn't get back until around 7 (when Yoga is over), the kids are still asleep. I even had time to take a relaxing shower and blog! I don't have a Wii fit yet, but I would much rather do yoga on there (no commercials). I am determined to get back into shape. I'm not talking about losing weight. I just want to be strong again... and toned. My goal is to drop 2 inches from my waist in one month. It's about time I got rid of the baby flab. I miss my abs. I've been doing crunches and sit-ups and leg lifts during the day while we're up in Noah's room watching Spongebob. Sweatin' to Spongebob haha. If I can drop these inches, it will be just in time for the formal military ball Josh and I have to attend. I wanna look hot! Yeah I look hot now, but I can be hotter ;) hahaha. I feel so great!! Yay exercise!

OK everyone it's your job to keep me in check. Be my accountability and ask me every once in awhile how Yoga is going. I am a self-motivator, but I have my moments.

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