We're Back... Again, but not for long.

We just got back from a week-long visit with Gpa and Gma B. Josh and I got to help a bit with the new house. It felt good to have something to paint again, especially since Gma was watching the bebes ;) We fished in the pond at the new house. This of course made Noah extremely happy. We didn't catch anything, but we had fun anyway. I think it was just too hot for the fish to be hungry and active.

We then went camping at the lake, rode on the jet skis, did a little toobing. Noah couldn't stop talking about making s'mores so we allowed a couple late sugar-filled nights. I think Noah really needed that alone time with Mommy and Daddy. We had fun making goofy faces and giving each other kisses :) Tristan didn't sleep too well in the camper, but we survived on what little sleep we were able to get. I think I fared better than Josh, but that's because I'm used to sleep deprivation from the munchkins.

Their camper is sweet!! We all slept quite comfortably inside (even with the port-a-crib). It had a kitchen, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, stereo. We want one... and jet skis would be pretty awesome as well. I was afraid to drive one at first, but before we left I mustered up the courage to drive with Josh on board. I would definitely do it again!

The second day we were there we took a short trip up to the Pea Ridge National Military Park, a famous civil war site and part of the Trail of Tears. It was pretty interesting. I didn't get to read much about the history because Tristan was on me in the carrier, cranky, not wanting to stand still for even a minute. He ended up falling asleep during the driving tour of the battlefields. We hit up the playground at the lake for a bit to enjoy the swings. Mostly we were in the water, though. It was hot! We had a great time while we were there!

We also got to see Great Gpa and Great Gma B. Hopefully we'll see more of them soon :) They drove 4 hours to visit with us for a couple hours. We really appreciate you guys coming out. We'll have to spend more time together next time. I took the opportunity of having us all present to snap a few family shots for my "grandparents wall" (I have a collection of 8x10s of the boys with all the grandparents).

Tristan is not as good a traveler as Noah was. He is not much of a cuddler so it was difficult for him to take a nap on the plane while being held. Imagine that... a baby that hates being rocked to sleep! He only cried for about 10 minutes or so both flights before eventually succumbing to exhaustion. He sure was happy to be in his own crib again! We all had a wonderful time.

The boys and I are heading back out for a couple days to go see Karrie again.

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