We're back! for real this time

We're back from Karrie's! It was one stressful day, but everything went well and Karrie still has Kiley. I was asked a lot of questions about the military in cross examination. I knew it would happen. Luckily I was able to get my point across that despite what people might think, moving every 3 or 4 years is really not that bad. People assume we move much more often than we actually do. Not only that, but WE don't have to move. Just the military member does. The military cannot tell your family what to do. I was also asked if Karrie is ever excessive with her discipline. Obviously not, or I'd never leave my kids with her. I probably would have turned her in myself if I believed that. I felt bad for the dad. He's actually a great dad. No one would deny that. But, there is just something about a Mom. I'm sure he's upset about the outcome. I'm sure he only pursued this because he was afraid that the military would take Clint really far away with family in tow and he wouldn't see his little girl anymore... or at least not as much as he used to. I can't say I really blame him for taking it to court, but it was a dirty battle that I wish didn't have to happen. I don't know what his lawyer was thinking advising him to take this case all the way to court because he really had no case whatsoever. He must have been trying to get money out of the dad.

In other news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH!!! My man is a whole quarter of a century old today :O We plan on baking some brownies for him and maybe going out to eat. I gave him his present before I left (new wii game and a steering wheel) so that he would have something to occupy his free time. Noah wants to get him cherry juice, a spiderman surfboard, birthday hats, chocolate chip ice cream cake, balloons, and a soccer ball :) He also picked out and colored a picture for him. It happens to be a picture of Elmo on his Dad's shoulders standing in from of a Happy Birthday banner. Maybe his genius isn't accidental after all ;)
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