Off to the Doctor

I had a nice yoga session this morning. I got to drink my coffee and eat a bowl of cereal. I should feel great, but I don't. I am really dreading this Dr. appointment... and it's not even for me! I hate when my babies get shots. I hate having a Dr. tell me their opinion on everything like their expertise somehow goes beyond a child's physical health. I am prematurely stressing out, but this is what I do. I stress before and then when I actually get there I am prepared and fine. I have written down the vaccines Tristan is supposed to get so I know what to expect. I am not getting him the RotaVirus vaccine. He's practically 1... although just going to the stupid hospital will most likely expose him to the mutated cold. He's a strong boy.

OK time to get ready. More later...

Everything went fine. The doctor was cool and this hospital is much less crowded and more organized than the one in SA was. Tristan is 19lbs 6ozs and 29 1/4" long... I think that's what she said. He's right on target with height/length, but apparently he's underweight. Really?! Underweight?! I think he's just really active so I am not worried about it that much. Poor kid had to get his finger stuck though to make sure he's not anemic. I doubt he is. So that was a total of 4 needle stabs today. He's had enough! He did a great job. I let him lick on a tiny sucker so that he would associate at least ONE good thing with the doctor. Sugar makes everything feel better :)

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