Weekend Surprise

MELON FACE!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!! hahahaha We actually did scare Alex when she got this melon face as a picture message. No one ever expects a melon face.

On Friday night I left for Ohio to surprise my sister Vita for her birthday. Our other sisters were there too, Janine flew in from Florida to surprise her. We had a great weekend full of laughs and hilarious pictures. We have so many inside jokes in our family. We took a lot of "sister" poses. I think out of the 50 or so we might have been seriously posing and smiling for one or two. That's how we rock (dedicated to Jake) in our family.

Well this is it for the "good" ones that I had on my camera. And now for my favorites... the dumb ones!!! YAY!! :D

Here we are pretending to be impressed with a passer-by for an Abercrombie and Fitch ad.

Here we are pretending to talk about Janine while Janine pretends she's not laughing.

Here we have the 2 youngest daughters carelessly pushed aside by the older sisters... and we wept for possibly seconds, feeling the pain of being unwanted. It was heartbreaking.

And here we are worshiping our Birthday Queen with tender gentle breezes and a foot massage.

Much more nonsense was had by all, but most of it was captured on other peoples' cameras. As soon as everyone uploads I am going to choose my favorites and print them out for a new section on my wall. This will be one of my favorite memories :) We forgot to take a shot of all the siblings. We were waiting for Glenn to arrive and then forgot about it until it was dark outside and everyone was unmotivated. Everyone but Mark was there. Maybe next time we'll remember!

I had a lot of fun, but I was ready to come home after a mere 2 days away from my boys. Noah was holding a bouquet of flowers for me at the arrivals gate. All my boys were dressed nice with little button-downs and collars :) I was happy to be home. Unfortunately I think I may have picked up a cold from one of those disease-ridden planes. Maybe I have SARS hahaha. Dang I almost forgot about SARS... Oh yeah and also avian bird flu and west nile virus. In other words, I am not happy today. I feel pretty crappy. I'm tired because Tristan was up at 11:30 and then 6 with whatever issues he's been having. Noah randomly threw up when he got up this morning, but seems to be fine now. My throat hurts and I want to go back to sleeeeep! I know! I will tell Noah since he was sick this morning he needs to take a nap so he can get better :) YAY NAP!!

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