Knock on Wood

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VITA!!! Hope you had an easy flight back to Texas.

Well I don't really feel sick at all today. I can tell my lymph glands on my neck are working overtime, but they're doing a good job! I am still doing the morning exercise and my walks, eating real well, drinking a lot of water, relaxing when I can. Maybe I will avoid Michelle's evil cold! I am not looking forward to going to the hospital on the 28th for Tristan's Dr. appt. Hospitals are hotbeds for sickness and disease. Why can't they have separate areas for people who are well and just getting a check-up. I've never been a fan of seeing a Dr. when I'm well... unnecessary stress in my opinion. I'm already stressed out about it :P Boooooo. But, it has to be done. Hopefully the doctor isn't a total jerk. I like the more hippie naturalist kind of doctors that listen to mothers and don't treat them like idiots. Other than the midwife that delivered Tristan I haven't found one yet!

Noah, Josh, and I played store today before bed. I was the store owner first and I was quoting prices for random items in Noah's room. He bought Daddy for $20 (hahaha). Our cash was represented by wooden blocks. Noah was the store owner next and he was actually bartering with me! He said I would have to pay $60 to buy Daddy back and I said $20! and he countered with $45. We finally settled at $36. It was just funny. I didn't know he understood the concept of bartering. Learn something new every day :)
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