So between the yoga, crunches 2 times a day, and my nightly walk/jog my body is hurting. It's not as bad as the old muscle failure days in the Army to be sure, but it hurts. I think it feels great. This was my old Army stomach. Will I ever get it back to the 6-pack it once was? Maybe... I am using this picture for motivation to work through the pain. OMG look at those eyebrows!! LOL! I think I want my hair cut that short again, but layered. Hmmmm...

We went to the mall to try and find a formal dress for the ball and boy was that depressing. Gone are the days when I would put on any dress whatsoever and look great. I just need to get used to dressing my new body. I don't think I'm fat, just not as small as I once was. It's just a part of life. I swear those mirrors in the dressing room were widening though haha. I also tried on my senior prom dress and it still fits! However, it's tight around my ribcage of all places. I must have huge lateral muscles now from being in the Army and toting babies around. I really want to wear it so I'm going to see if they can bring it out about half an inch for me. I love this dress! This time I am going to have waaaay better shoes... and a different date haha. Looking at this picture I can see how scrawny my arms used to be and I know why it's tight around my lats. I was weak, but now I'm stroooong. OK enough about me.

In case you all didn't notice there are 2 new videos on my YouTube. Look at the right column and check them out. They are totally cute :D By the way, I think we should start a blogger photo hunt. Anyone who wants to play can post their pics on Sunday... or maybe we'll figure out something better for photo sharing. I don't know. I wish everyone had flickr!!

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