Noah's Birthday Post (finally)

Well Noah loved all of his presents!! Thank you to everyone for the birthday surprises and well-wishes. He plays with WALL-E, his sandbox, and his easel all the time. We had a pretty low-key birthday. We made strawberry muffins for breakfast and went out to the Macaroni Grill for dinner. Noah said he wanted Spaghetti for his birthday so that's what he got. He didn't eat any of it like always. They had about 10 tables too many in that place and it was making both Josh and I really on-edge. The waiter was going to bring out a piece of cake for Noah, but he took too long and we couldn't stand the crowd anymore so we just left. We hadn't told Noah so he was none the wiser. Otherwise we would have had to stay for cake, of course :)

We went out to the Atlanta zoo the next day. I barely took any photos at all because I was stressed out. Unfortunately we happened to go out there on "family day" in Atlanta. Every Atlanta resident or GA employee received some kind of discount... maybe even a free pass. I don't know, but it was CROWDED! It was ridiculous, really. The zoo wasn't all that great either. I mean it was a nice zoo, but it was a long drive for just an OK zoo. We had a fun time, don't get me wrong. I think it would have been a lot more fun if we had walking room. It was like being in WalMart with the over-packed aisles and rudeness.

So all in all we had a fun-filled, but crowded birthday weekend :) My baby is 4 now and is continuously telling me about school. We're not sending him to preschool. No need. He's social and he knows more than what he needs for kindergarten. I was talking with my sister Michelle and she brought up an excellent point. Once kids start school it consumes their entire childhood so why start early? Not that preschool is bad. I just want Noah to enjoy his last years as a "free man". He's been coloring non-stop. Before he got the easel he was coloring all day. He uses all different colors and stays in the lines. He's also been drawing. I love seeing the creative side of him :) He's a wonderful big brother to Tristan. Noah's just a great kid and I feel so blessed to have him in our lives!

All the pictures of the birthday are here on Flickr. I am not feeling up to re-uploading all of them and making them smaller for blogger.
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