A Few More Pics from Yesterday

Here's one of Tristan standing up, getting into things. It's really easy to put Noah and Tris both up in Noah's room and just let them make huge messes and get into things. I think Tristan learns a lot through messes :)

The famous raspberry face. He will do the little phbbbt sound back to you if you do it to him. Maybe not all the time, but a lot of the time! It's fun :)

He was angry that I wouldn't let him eat my camera. I took the opportunity to get a shot of his 2 new bottom teeth. That brings the total to 8! He's been a great teether. I don't think they bother him too often. I've had to give him the occasional motrin when I can tell they really hurt... or maybe some baby orajel. But, overall he's still his usual pleasant self.

Noah's birthday is tomorrow! He keeps reminding me :)

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