17 Weeks

I just thought I'd mention that the baby has been kicking hard the past few days. REALLY hard yesterday. I have been feeling flutters for a couple weeks, but yesterday Josh was able to feel a kick from the outside for the first time. It always makes me giggle :) I finally feel pregnant! My tummy suddenly popped out, which means I need to buy some maternity clothes so I can stop looking like a slob hahaha. Maybe I'll do that today. I also had a dream last night that I gave birth to my little girl on a football field. I guess I couldn't wait any longer? haha I remember crossing my legs to try and stop her from coming which is always funny and stupid lol. YEAH, that'll work! My mom and Josh were there. I saw her face and she's gorgeous and I love her already (watch her be a him)... I'll love him too! She came out and I said "it's a girl. look at her! she looks like a girl!" and I didn't even check "the parts" to make sure. Then Josh said "Are you sure? Did you look?" so I finally did... and I was right, she was. My Mom was just there to cry I think lol. She just kicked me again. I am so sure it's a girl this time. I was so sure my boys were boys. Maybe I am right again!

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