Good News

HOORAY!!! I found a little boy CPK at the "rich people" Target :) I guess they shop at the better stores hahaha. And he was much cheaper than the $42 they're asking on Amazon! I don't like his outfit too much, but Tristan won't care. He saw him and was squealing and poking the box. I'm glad Josh was with me because he could see how badly Tristan actually wants a baby :) ANYWAY... gotta help with bathtime. Thanks, everyone!

OK I'm back. ALSOOOOOO!!!!! Tristan did his first real sign today! He did "all done" at dinner and then he smiled all huge and clapped for himself (with the rest of us). Way to go, Tris! Almost 15mos old and already doing some sign language :) I expect he will start with more very soon since he got so much positive reinforcement from the 3 of us.

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