New Year's Resolutions

Josh and I are already thinking about our New Year's resolutions and have agreed on one to do as a couple. NO MORE CREDIT CARDS (and pay off what we have now)!

It's sad, really. We paid them all off with the money we made from selling the house a year ago. Then we got into this new house and wanted new stuff so we charged a bunch of things we don't need. Now we're in debt again. Not as bad as before, but still. If we didn't have all these credit card payments we wouldn't be struggling at all. So, no more buying things unless we actually have the money (barring emergencies). Now I have to come up with a modest plan for paying these dumb things off. Luckily Josh gets a raise in January, the tax return will be here in a few months, and hopefully this bonus repayment from the Air Force will finally happen. All going to bills!

This was Josh's revelation. He's suddenly more frugal than me (and that's saying something). I think it had a lot to do with the car. He looked at the bills with me and finally saw what I have to work with every month and it sparked something. I welcome the support. It's hard to be the only one unwilling to spend money ;) I'm a pushover for my man, but now he's in on it so we should be able to accomplish this pretty quickly.

I guess it's time to start thinking of personal resolutions as well.
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