Josh's First New Car

We have been looking for a used car to replace my old Saturn for a little over a month now. We had very specific wants and needs that didn't seem to exist altogether in one car. It was a lot of stressful searching and number crunching... even a few fights. Then all of a sudden we happened upon this little number.

It's a Suzuki Reno... never heard of it? me neither. It looks a lot like the VW Golf. I checked all the reviews on it and everything and I was satisfied. It's a 2007 with only 20K miles on it, still under factory warranty until it hits 100,000 and we got it with total tax, tag, title for under 10k. They also threw in free oil changes for the next 3 years at the dealership! YAY! This is Josh's first car he's ever been able to purchase that's NEW. I consider 2007 to still be new :) He's so happy to finally have a nice car. My Saturn is BEAT UP! I drove that car into the ground and it's been driven by so many people who all did the same. It's been a great car and still works. After over 130,000 miles together it's just time to move on. That was my very first car too, might I add. This has been a majority of my stress (not really Christmas). We just have had a lot on our plate lately. If we weren't able to replace the Saturn before we left for Christmas than Josh would not have been able to come home and visit for the 3 months he'll be gone. He's only going to be 3 hours away, but the Saturn would not have handled all that driving very well. So things worked out great.

Now for more fun stuff! Noah has been obsessively combing his hair lately. He has a specific hair-do that he loves. I call it dippity doo hair, which he hates (but giggles about). I bought him a pack of combs and he has to have one in every bathroom, and usually has one in his pocket during the day. He looks like an extra from "Grease". He would probably love that movie too hahaha. He tells me a good 20 times a day that I messed up his hair doing something. I gave him another haircut, but was a kind soul and left him lots up top so he can still be stylish. I actually think it's pretty cute and fashion forward (for a 4yr old). He's such a goofball.

I'm out of my head, hopelessly devoted to you... hopelessly devoted to youuuuu, Noah! :)

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