Saint Louis, Missouri (aka Saint Screwus, Misery)

After such a wonderful morning in Chattanooga we were in high spirits back on the road again... for about 4 hours. Josh had been having some sinus pressure and we were masking it with lots of dayquil and sudafed, but it just wouldn't go away. We had to stop a few times to let the kids experience a taste of freedom at various WalMarts and fast food joints. Noah sang us songs. It might sound like he's saying that Old MacDonald had a "boobie", but he is trying to say "movie". Noah doesn't do F's and V's.

The last couple hours of our car ride Josh was trying to sleep off his cold while I drove on towards Saint Louis. We got in at around 9pm, hungry and tired... sick of sitting. The room was decent looking. One king size bed and tons of floor space. It was FREEZING though. Most hotel rooms are when you first walk into them, just shrug it off. We cranked up the heat and ordered room service, "we're out of that... we're not making that right now... we're out of that too... ok it will be up in about 30 minutes".

The boys got their bath and ran around like crazy. The room was still freezing. Too busy to care. Room service is here! They messed up Josh's order. Reorder.
No table (crap)... TRISTAN! put that back!
Noah put your milk up high so your brother doesn't get it! (and Mommy takes one bite)
I will open your applesauce. Hang on a second. (and Mommy takes one bite)
Tristan YUCKY! don't put your food on the floor! (and Mommy takes one bite)
Just eat your food, ok. No more playing. Just eat. (and Mommy takes one bite)
Watch the movie and eat your food. (this is why I order food that's already cold haha)
OK let's try this. Eat on this and keep your food away from the yucky floor. (one more bite)
It's still freezing in here! I think I can feel a breeze. (inhale the food while you can!!)
Josh's order is here.

Josh eats. We're all tired and want to sleep so we just crawl into bed. The weather channel says a storm is rolling in and we can hear it whipping around outside. The windchill is ten below here. Then we feel it. An actual draft is blowing into the room from all around the crappiest window known to man. I think it used to be a sliding glass door, but they closed it up and threw a piece of metal on the bottom. I can place my hand on the side of the heater and make a frost handprint. Everything is frosty and our bed is right next to the window. We're not about to pack everything back up and move rooms. I doubt any other room would somehow be missing this same rigged-up crap window anyway.

Middle of the night the storm is in full swing and Tristan has somehow managed to toss himself out of his sweatshirt so he wakes up freezing. He wakes up again an hour later, freezing... his feet are like little ice cubes (more socks!). Josh is knocked out on cold meds. Noah is sleeping horizontal across the pillows. I am just shoving things under the window to try and minimalize the air flow. All the extra pillows and chairs are shoved against the freezer, which improved the situation a tad I'm sure. I finally fell asleep at around 3 I think. We were up by 7 and wanted the heck out of there. I am trying to find things to do in Saint Louis via the free wi-fi, but the free wi-fi isn't working because someone has hacked into it and caused me to get an error message. Thank you trend micro internet security. Let's go!

I complained to the desk clerk about the room and she placated me:
"You should have told me about it last night. We would have switched rooms, especially since you have little ones"
oh really... so you have rooms without windows?
"No but the seal in that one might be bad. I will tell maintenance to check it out."
It's not the seal. The entire area around the window is freezing because there is absolutely no insulation. All that stands between us and the outside in a thin piece of metal. It's not the seal.
"Wow... yeah. I will let maintenance know."
I want you to come feel this room. Seriously. I can put my hand on the heater and make a handprint. You can't charge over $100 for a room like this. I don't think you should rent this out to anyone.
"You're right I will put a note on it. How about some free breakfast vouchers?"
You don't have free breakfast?!
"I can give you some vouchers"
OK fine. Thank you.

Turns out the vouchers are really coupons, good for $2 off an adult breakfast, which is worse than the free breakfast we had yesterday at the NICE Holiday Inn. Wow only $5.99 for crummy breakfast. Graciass. I want to strangle someone. No one apparently works here though so we should just leave. Trying to leave, but can't check out because no one is working except for the one dumb desk clerk who has been here since we got in last night. Nice to hear all the other guests in the lobby complaining about the freezing, drafty rooms... and watch the dumb clerk pretend it's the first time she's ever heard this complaint. I see the maids coming by, speaking Spanish and even they are complaining about the drafty rooms and how the customers are angry.

Whatever. We're only 4 hours from Gma and Gpa N's house. I don't even want to do anything in Saint Louis now. I just want to GO! So, everyone... if you're ever in Saint Louis, MO and you decide that the Holiday Inn Select looks like a nice place to crash, think again. Never ever go there EVER. Find a Drury Inn or something. They have free hot breakfast, warm rooms, and wi-fi that actually functions. Holiday Inn Express is better and cheaper. Weird, I know. It's about 20 below outside and our winter coats are buried in suitcases still because up until here it was 60 degrees. Bizarre! Poor sick Josh braves the freezing temps to search for our buried treasures. At least the sun is out :)

Finally off to Leavenworth, KS. to see Gma and Gpa N.! YAY! :D

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