Well it's officially the month of Christmas, which means Josh and I really need to get our butts a-shoppin. Bah humbug. That's why I love Thanksgiving... no presents, no expectations, just food and family. Speaking of which our T-day was awesome. The trip was really easy with the new van and the boys were angels. It didn't take much gas to get there so the cost didn't bankrupt us! It was great to see everyone and I was pretty busy cooking. My turkey turned out amazing! I didn't take very many pictures at all. Everyone else was taking so many so I just enjoyed visiting and cooking. We got back on Sunday in time to get Josh's cousin Lindsey from the airport. Unfortunately her flight got delayed so bad in Atlanta that Josh had to go get her out there instead of the local airport. It was only a 2 hour drive, and he was happy to do it, but it was annoying for both of them. Poor Lindsey was so stressed with her travel that she's feeling pretty ill today. Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better! Tristan, Noah and I were happy to have the extra time to clean before she got here :)

So yeah... it's December. I can't say I am looking forward to Christmas. I AM looking forward to seeing more family. I just hate gifts. I hate watching people open mine or them watching me open theirs. It's stressful for me. I don't like to be forced to be generous. I think I would be a whole lot less stressed if money wasn't so tight right now. But anyway... our first day of December was quite enjoyable.

We spent very little time outside, but we did go out for a bit. I tried to get out of taking them, but Tristan threw a fit at the door and brought me his shoes. It was cold and muddy from all the rain we had here over the past week. They had a good time though. My boys love being outside... I wonder who they get that from ;)

After Tristan wakes from his nap at around 2 every day we have music playtime until Daddy comes home at around 5. I turn off the TV's and we stay upstairs and make huge messes while we listen to fun music. Today's selection was Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music :) Noah drew a really cool picture of he and I in a car, even drew the road and the tires. I will post all the details on notes on the pic in flickr. You'll be able to see it in the little slideshow on the sidebar... just click. I'm excited that his art is starting to look like the object he intended to draw!

Tristan is starting to bite now. He bit my knee and I said "OUCH NOOOO!!! STOP IT!!" and he thought that was hilarious so he did it again, and that's when I snapped the picture. He was carrying Noah's baby around all nice and then suddenly started trying to bite her hair out. He's an odd child. I hope he doesn't try this with his real baby sister ;) Yeah I said sister (still keeping my hopes up!).

I was hanging out on Noah's bed because it's the best place to get shots of the kids while they play. Noah got the brilliant idea to swing over me by hanging on the top bunk. I kept screaming "AHHHHH!!!" and he would tell me "watch I not going to hurt you. stop yelling!". It was kinda funny. I had to make him stop though because I didn't want him to land on my baby bump. So THEN he got Nougat the ginormous horse and threw him at me. We got into a little tickle fight and Tristan joined in on the Mama beat-down. I got a little video clip of it :) I am uploading it to youtube right now so look for it in the sidebar.

And that was our day!

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