Home At Last

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! I hope you had a great day!

We're back from our 2 week adventure to the midwest. I got caught up on everyone's blogs and I'm glad you all had wonderful Christmases. I hope you won't mind me not commenting on every entry because I am much too lazy for that right now ;)

I am downloading all the pictures and I still have to edit and resize, upload the keepers to flickr! on a new set, upload any good videos to youtube. Not to mention all the fun real world things I have to do like unpack. Luckily the boys will be busy playing with their mountain of new toys from everyone. They made out like bandits yet again... and not from us, which was nice since we needed the funds for our road trip. YAY! Everything worked out really well and we had a wonderful visit with everyone and a lot of fun getting to our destinations.

I will be updating!! I've been writing the blog entries in my head the whole trip hahaha. Come back soon :D

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